Part# AD-0102
Color Red
Package 1 Sensor

Santronics AC Voltage Sensor with Red Visual 

Check and verify for AC voltage without direct wire contact

Package : 1 Sensor • Price per Sensor
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Sensor
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Product Description
Pre determine the AC voltage in your electrical devices and avoid the citation of electrical hazards by OSHA officers. The glowing red tip of Santronics Ultimate voltage sensor on touching it to a connection point indicates the presence of AC.

• Determines the presence or absence of 50-1000 volts AC in voltage carrying electrical systems.

• LED light in the tip will glow red if AC volt is present.

• It checks for defective grounds, reverse polarity, and induced voltage.

• No need to disconnect the system as current flow is not required to locate voltage.

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