Siamese Connection Signs

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Siamese Connection Signs lead the fire department directly to the crucial connection areas. During an emergency, don't leave fire fighters searching blindly for water sources. Instead, place signs around your property or building to mark connections. Siamese connections save lives, so mark them well.

• Photoluminescent Signs can be an important tool in a black out. Signs don't require batteries and glow for hours after the lights go off.

• Labels come with a strong adhesive backing to stay on for years. Signs are made from durable materials and are guaranteed up to 10 years.

• Signs come in a wide variety of materials and shapes.

Sprinkler Signs
Sprinkler Signs
Let the fire department know where the rest of the sprinklers are located.
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Siamese Connection
Standpipe Siamese
Siamese Connection
Siamese Connection For FD
Siamese Connection For Fire Department
Siamese Connection For Fire Department
Siamese Connection For Fire Department
GlowSmart™ Fire Department Automatic Sprinkler Connection, Siamese
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Siamese Connection For Fire Department, Sprinklers Throughout Building