Signal Flip Digi-Day 3 Electronic Scoreboard: Attention, Caution, Safety Begins Here (S-SIGNAL-FLIP) Learn More...

Colors Yellow, Red, Green And Black
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Highlight safety in a big way with the LED-LITE™ Signal Flip 3-in-1 Scoreboard. Attract attention to the status of safe work days in your facility with bright LED lights and colossal safety messages.

  • Scoreboard contains three panels, that can be easily flipped between "Safety", "Caution", and "Attention" messages.
  • The durable polycarbonate face panels come with locking hinges that keep the panels contained.
  • The large 6' wide x 3' tall x 4" deep aluminum cabinet is resilient and corrosion resistant.
  • Full-size, traffic-style lights contain ultra bright LED bulbs that illuminate in red, yellow, and green to indicate the safety status.
  • Each light has a dedicated switch that controls each of the colored bulbs.
  • Includes a remote that can be used to control up to 5 displays by changing the frequency on the remote.
  • Display indicators notify you when the counter is on hold, or power failure has occurred.
  • Scoreboards operate on 110 VAC with 8-ft. power cord and AC adapter.
  • In the event of a power failure, all programmed information is stored.
  • Available with a flasher relay that flashes each light for extra attention (call for a quote).
  • *For both indoor & outdoor use (please see below).

    Please Note: Power receptacles exposed to wet environments should be plugged into a GFI outlet with waterproof protective receptacle cover. Mount these scoreboards under a protective overhang or covered area.
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  • 6' Wide x 3' Tall x 4" Deep
  • Big Digital Scoreboard
  • Signal Flip Digi-Day Scoreboard
Signal Flip Digi-Day Scoreboard
Nov 5
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  • Durable face and flip panels are made from sturdy 60 mil (.060") thick polycarbonate plastic with vibrantly printed safety messages in full color.
  • Promote the safety status of your facility with three full-size traffic-style signal lights. The long-lasting LED lights shine through 8-in. diameter lenses, and each light has a dedicated on/off switch.
  • The aluminum cabinet is constructed from 40 mil (.040") thick sturdy aluminum that won't rust or corrode.
  • The Digi-Day digital counter allows you to track safe work days automatically on a four-digit, brightly lit, LED number display. The bright, 2-color (red and green) LED numbers are 2.5" high and is tamperproof once set with the included remote.
  • Operates on 110 VAC with 8-ft. power cord and grounded plug that is compatible with any standard outlet.
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