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Signal Safety Awareness Center includes one galvanized steel base with wheels, one 6-ft. square galvanized steel post, one 30" x 30" Engineer-Grade reflective sign, one 110 VAC 10-ft. power cord and AC adapter.

Product Description

Promote safety awareness in a big way with a traditional traffic light signal accompanied by the new Digi-Day 3 digital display that automatically tracks your safe, accident-free days.

  • The attention-grabbing, traffic light signal style LED light comes with an oversized (30" x 30") aluminum octagon sign mounted below it.
  • Keep score of consecutive safe working days with the new Digi-Day 3 digital display that tracks days without an accident in green, and then in red when a lost time accident occurs.
  • The galvanized steel base has a versatile design with foldable wings that enhance the stability of the unit—preventing it from toppling over.
  • The base comes with a set of wheels, allowing the unit to be easily tipped and relocated to any other location.
  • The 6-ft. steel post is made from 14 gauge galvanized steel with mounting holes centered 1" along the middle.
  • The signal light has three dedicated toggle switches that control each of the colors, and when flipped the lights are steady-on.
  • In the event of a power failure all information is safely stored. Indicators notify you when the counter is on hold, or power failure has occured.
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  • 6-ft. (h) x 18" (w) folded & 6-ft. (h) x 36" (w) extended
  • Big Digital Scoreboard
  • Signal Safety Awareness Center
Signal Safety Awareness Center
Dec 10
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  • Attention grabbing, traffic light signal is housed in a sturdy black aluminum 63 mil (.063") thick case that is designed to withstand the wear & tear associated with industrial-strength applications.
  • Comes with 30" x 30" octagon sign made from 80 mil (.080") thick Engineer-Grade reflective aluminum providing enhanced nighttime visibility—allowing it to be seen with a flashlight in dim lighting, or blackout conditions.
  • The Digi-Day 3 digital display is preinstalled onto the octagon sign and has a bright, 2-color (red and green) LED that displays 2.5" high numbers, is tamperproof once set with the remote, and has an internal clock that advances the counter by one automatically, every 24 hours.
  • The display counts days without an accident in green, and if a lost time accident occurs, set the display back to red until you meet your new safe days goal. It can be set to display days only, or flashes between days, date, and clock.
  • Includes a 6-ft. square post comprised of 14-gauge galvanized steel with 7/16" mounting holes on 1" centers the full length of the post.
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