Sprinkler System Sign: General Information for System Control Riser, Antifreeze Loops & Auxillary Systems (S2-2987) Learn More...

Part# S2-2987

Product Description

General Information Sign complies with NFPA 13, Standard 25.6 for System Control Riser, Antifreeze Loops or Auxiliary Systems.

  • Sign is made from a 1/8" rigid plastic or aluminum as per the regulation.
  • Pre-drilled holes on each corner so sign can be hung using a wire or chain.
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    Sign lasts 2+ years outside.Good water and chemical resistance168ºFMounts with screws or clips. Sep 24
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    • Made from a sturdy 1/8" plastic with a writable surface. Material is well receptive to permanet and dry erase markers.
    • Easily wipe away the text with a cloth or use a permament marker to make a long-lasting message. If you're reusing the sign we recommend cleaning the surface from time to time with soap and water.
    • Lightweight and very easy to install. Sign features 1/8" diameter predrilled holes to mount your sign to a wall or hang it from a chain. Sign can also be fastened with double-stick tape.
    • Good resistance to chemicals and water.
    • Signs are screen printed making the ink highly durable with no loss in quality or resolution.
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    Lasts 7+ years outside.Great water and chemical resistance168ºF4 holes. Mounts with screws or clips. Sep 23
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    • 40 mil aluminum.
    • Laminated for superior durability.
    • Prepunched holes for easy mounting with screws or nails.
    • Rounded corners.
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    Lasts 7+ years outside.Sign reflects light from a flashlight.Good water and chemical resistanceMounts with screws or clips. Sep 24
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    • 40 mil, rust-proof, engineer grade reflective film resistant to graffiti and weather.
    • Reflectivity helps at night or during emergencies.
    • Printed on one side.
    • Includes 4 holes for S-hooks or chains.
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