Blockade Stanchion Post and Accessories

Blockade Stanchion Post and Accessories
The stanchion post and accessories serve as an effective supplement to your crowd control system- whether you want to guide traffic in a big plant or warehouse or streamline the crowd inside big business events.

• Relay critical information or direct traffic to desired location by affixing your message on stanchion posts with a sign clamp or a frame.

• Use an LED arrow light to divert the traffic as per your convenience.

• Do a little mix and match while you use the accessory cap to create various post configurations.

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Stanchion Post Accessory Cap
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Blockade Accessory Cap for Stanchion Post
Led Arrow Light Red Or Amber
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Blockade LED Arrow Light Red or Amber
Led Light Red Or Amber
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Blockade LED Light Red or Amber
Blockade Stanchion Post
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Blockade Stanchion Post
Stanchion Post Universal Mounting Bracket
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Blockade Universal Mounting Bracket for Wall Installations
Stanchion Post Ring Weight
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Ring Weight for Blockade Stanchion Post
Stanchion Post Sign Clamp
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Sign Clamp for Blockade Stanchion Post
Stanchion Post Sign Frame
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Sign Frame for Blockade Stanchion Post
Blockade Plastic Chain Links in Yellow Color
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Yellow Plastic Chain Links for Blockade Stanchion Post
2 in. x 1 in. x 1/4 in.

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