Part# ST-0036
Size 18" Image, 24" x 24" stencil
Package 1 Stencil
Material Reusable Polyethylene Stencil, 63 mil Thick [BZ-STENCIL-63]
Printing Router

Floor Stencil 

Keep Area Clear

Package : 1 Stencil • Price per Stencil
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Stencil
1 2 3 5 10
$47.24 $46.14 $45.04 $43.94 $42.84
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Product Description
Ideal if you have multiple areas to designate, a reusable floor stencil allows you to paint several signs in your workplace.

• Maintain order and safety in your department. Stencils pull up cleanly after rolling or spraying for quick, easy stenciling.

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Part#:  ST-0120
Min. Order: 1  Can
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