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Part# MT-0450
Colors Blue and Black
Shape Rectangle
1 mat & 1 insert.

Product Description

StepWell™ mats provide the ultimate tool to keep your facility clean and sanitized!

  • Equipped with a sanitizing scraper and nylon carpet top to wipe and dry.
  • Sanitizing section has a recessed well that fits up to 84 oz of sanitizing solution, like quaternary or hydrogen peroxide. Visitors can sanitize their shoes and wipe them dry as they walk in.
  • Extra sanitizing inserts can be purchased to keep your sanitizing section fresh.
  • NOTE: A walk-off mat is highly recommended to follow the Stepwell Tray to help remove excess moisture and reduce the risks of slips and falls.
  • You can order more inserts by clicking here.
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  • 36" x 24"
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  • StepWell Mat
StepWell Mat
May 19
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  • Nylon top carpet equipped with an abrasive sanitizing insert to sanitizing shoes at your entrance.
  • Sanitizing section has a recessed well with a removable insert that can hold up to 84 ounces (2.5 L) of sanitizing solution.
  • Works best with quaternary ammonium and 3% hydrogen peroxide sanitizing solutions. 6% chlorine bleach can used at a concentration of 0.4% (0.5 oz.per gallon). Please note concentrated bleach can discolor the nylon carpet top surfaces.
  • Mat has an overall size of 2'x3' with an approximate2 'x3' nylon carpet top and 20.5" x 33"' sanitizing insert.
  • Mat will come with 1 insert.
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Size:36" x 24"
Material:StepWell Mat
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