Part# AD-0101
Color Orange
Package 1 Sensor

Santronics Ultimate 

Ultimate AC Voltage Sensor with Orange Visual & Alert Sound

Package : 1 Sensor • Price per Sensor
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Sensor
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Product Description
On detecting AC voltage in an electrical system this hand-held Santronics voltage sensor plays an audible tone and its tip glows red. Detect the presence/absence of AC voltage and avoid the citation by OSHA officers.

• Detects the presence/absence of 50-1000 volt AC.

• It gives an audio alert by playing a tone if AC voltage is present.

• The tip will also glow red on the detection of AC voltage.

• No on-off switch, hence no worry of malfunction and the device is always ready to use.

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