Wet Floor Signs

Slipping on wet floors is often a neglected hazard and people don’t realize they can fall until you put a warning sign out there. Wet Floor Signs can make a big difference in improving fall safety and reducing lost worktime due to injured employees in your facility.

• All signs are made from top quality materials. Make these signs a part of your housekeeping materials and see the change.

• Buy Caution Wet Floor signs that can be posted on walls as well as signs and stencils for floors. You can even customize your own!

• Our Banana Cone™ Bilingual Standing Floor Sign is a favorite among customers because of its hard-to-miss appearance.

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Download Free Sign Artwork for Printing
Download Free Sign Artwork for Printing

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Loading Dock Yellow Safety Chain Kit
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2 Magnet Rings, 2 Carabiners and 10' of 2 in. Heavy Duty Yellow Chain
Chain Connector Strap
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Chain Connector
Chain Connector Strap with Chain
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Chain Connector with Chain
Janitorial Kit For Closed Sign
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Closed Sign, Magnet Rings, Hook, Chain
Janitorial Kit For Wet Floor Sign
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Wet Floor Sign, Magnet Rings, Hook, Chain

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Customer Reviews
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Jun 10, 2019

Banana Cone™ Bilingual Standing... : Caution Wet Floor / Cuidado Piso...
Part #: SF-0409 23.62" x 11.02" The Banana Cone Standing Floor Sign   Verified Purchase

Unique and funny.

Hilarious! Everyone loves it. Great quality
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Apr 01, 2019

FloorBoss XL™ Free-Standing Sign -... : Caution Wet Floor W/Graphic
Part #: SF-0119 25" x 12" Plastic Folding Sign   Verified Purchase

Satisfy my needs quickly

Quick and easy.
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Jun 09, 2017

Bilingual OSHA Caution / Cuidado... : Possible Wet Floor, Piso Mojado...
Part #: S-8143 5" x 3.5" Adhesive Vinyl Signs and Labels   Verified Purchase


Quality label in the size I needed. Thank You!