Sprinkler Valve Signs

Sprinkler Valve Signs
Quickly identify components of your facility’s sprinkler system with Sprinkler Valve Signs. Signs help employees and firefighters spot the required valves easily and help them understand the correct operation of each of the valves during routine and emergency procedures.

• Choose from standard and photoluminescent or glow sprinkler valve signs. Glow signs do not require electricity and are easily visible even during a black out.

• We offer signs in durable plastic and aluminum. Plastic signs are lightweight and economical while aluminum signs are sturdy and have a long outdoor life. Both the materials display good resistance to chemicals, water, and weather abuse.

• Bold legends are printed on a contrasting background to offer maximum legibility and visibility.

• You can also customize sprinkler valve signs to include your message in Spanish or any additional information.

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Sprinkler Valve Label
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Sprinkler Control Valve Signs


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Customer Reviews
Nov 09, 2016

Size: 10" x 14" Material Type: HDPE Plastic Sign   Verified Purchase

Sprinkler Control Valve

Worked well for its location.