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3-Point Contact Labels Address Safety Concerns in Transportation Industry

Falling or slipping from the truck while getting on or off is the most common cause of accidents among truckers. According to a study–spread over five years–by the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, Canada, 50 percent of all injuries in trucking industry were a result of slips and falls.

Such falls can lead to serious back and shoulder injuries. Our 3-Point Contact Labels remind drivers to safely enter and exit tractor-trailer cabs, forklifts, and other industrial trucks.

What is 3-point contact?

The 3-point contact system means that three of your four limbs are always in contact with the vehicle.

It can be either-

This is a way for truck operators to have maximum stability while mounting or dismounting a stationary truck. Maintaining a 3-point contact till one reaches the ground, cab, or a stable platform helps minimize slip and fall hazards.

How can labels help?

3-Point Contact Labels can be applied right at the access point of any truck, back of a tanker, trailer roll-up or swing door, and more. The labels clearly indicate all the three contact points graphically and remind to enter and egress a truck safely. Made of vinyl, these flexible labels are supplied with engineer grade adhesive that ensures a permanent application.

How to safely mount and dismount a truck?

Besides heeding to the 3-point contact system, truckers need to remember the following: