Funny safety signs

Going little “edgy” with your safety signs doesn’t harm anyone. In fact, light-hearted and funny safety signs always become a talking point and start a conversation. People do spend a little more time on clever one-liners and witty signs and share a laugh with friends, coworkers, fellow travelers, and other companions.

Attention You are Not Allowed To do Anything That Begins With Hey Y'll, Watch This Sign

Oil splashes can burn and disfigure then no one will love you sign.

Lift With Knees Funny Safety Sign


Our free printable funny safety signs have unique messages that get noticed quickly and stay with the readers for a long time.

Inspect Brain for Proper Operation Before Each Use Sign

We’ve compiled some of our favorite funny workplace safety signs in this blog but you can always create your own funny sign using our free templates. Or just send us some examples of what you would like, and we will create a custom sign for you.

Naughty Passengers will be Crushed Sign

While there is no denying that some safety signs need to comply with specific design regulations, there certainly are other opportunities where you can try to be funny and still protect people from unsafe conditions.

Jazz Hands Custom Funny Safety Sign

Humor triggers memorability

If you think OSHA is a Small Town Sign

Out-of-the-box funny safety signs are easier to remember. Pairing humor with safety keeps the message both fresh and memorable. Because laughter is good (preventive) medicine, funny safety signs are an innovative and effective way to reduce injuries on the job.

No Stupid People Beyond This Point Sign

In Case of Emergency Run Like Hell Sign

Of course, that doesn’t mean that funny safety signs can replace official safety signs. But they do make a good addition to certain areas of your facility like cafeterias, reading rooms, recreation rooms, and more.

Humorous signs make great gifts

Be Careful This Machine Has No Brain Use Your Own Sign

Funny safety taglines are likely to be shared with friends and may even go viral. Our free printable funny safety signs make excellent novelty gifts for friends, colleagues, and family members with clumsy, unsafe habits like slipping on wet floors or banging their heads against glass doors.
OSHA Caution When The Brain's Weak The Body Suffers Sign

Humor creates alignment

By recognizing a common problem and creating a punchline around it, workers will use the punchline as a trigger in place of the issue. Funny safety signs work well in workplaces as well as outdoor areas like zoos, campgrounds, beaches, stadiums, parks, and more.
Do Not Sit Climb or Lean on Fences Sign
Find a good use for a funny safety sign on your property or place of business and make the environment lighter for everyone around.

ANSI Warning Funny Safety Sign for Workplaces

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