Carbon Dioxide Signs

A naturally occurring gas present in nature, carbon dioxide at normal levels is so safe that we add it to food and beverages. Yet, rising levels of carbon dioxide can be extremely dangerous, leading to intoxication or poisoning. Although it is not combustible, carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless, thus it can be rather difficult to detect. When high concentrations of carbon dioxide displaces oxygen in a confined setting, the lack of oxygen may lead to hypercapnia resulting in vomiting, fainting, convulsions, or in more severe cases coma and death. Carbon Dioxide Signs help increase awareness of this imperceptible gas, reminding individuals to be steadfast in following safety protocols and to monitor themselves for any symptoms of intoxication.

• Bold Headers, rich colors, and large font sizes combine to create a sign that captures you attention – making your message difficult to overlook.

• We offer signs in multitude of sizes and materials for different applications.

• Signs help reinforce training, keeping individuals alert to the slightest inclination of danger.

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