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Face Mask Requirements: Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

In its guidelines on mask usage, the CDC recommends hand washing before and after wearing the mask. Once put on, the mask should not be touched and if touched, you should immediately wash your hands.
The mask should be worn over the nose and mouth and secured under the chin. It should fit well to leave no gaps yet allowing you to breathe easily.
Masks should be worn in public settings, particularly where maintaining the six-feet distance may not be possible. Additional guidelines include not sharing the mask, washing it daily, and avoiding masks with exhalation vents.
While it is widely recommended to wear masks in public settings, people with breathing difficulties/respiratory issues may avoid wearing one.
The CDC also does not recommend masks for children under two years of age. People who cannot wear/take off a mask without assistance are also exempt from wearing one.
The CDC considers face masks as critical tools that can help contain the spread, particularly when used by everyone in a given community. It is believed that the effectiveness of wearing a mask lies in preventing the spread from a potentially infected person to another person. It is only when you and people around you wear masks that we can limit the spread. The CDC recommends the use of face masks together with following the other recommended social distancing practices. These guidelines define who should wear masks and the kind of masks that should be used. The guidelines also tell you the right way to wear and take off a mask, how to wash used masks, and how you can make a mask. You can find the complete details here
The CDC recommends the use of double-layered masks made of breathable fabric. You should wash your hands before and after wearing a mask.
The mask should cover your nose, mouth, and chin. It should fit snugly enough to let you breathe yet not leaving any gaps on any sides. Masks should not be put around the neck or on the forehead, and should not be touched unless essential. When touched, you should immediately wash/sanitize your hands.
When removing the mask, you should exercise care to only touch the loops and wash your hands immediately afterward. Used masks should be washed daily, preferably with hot water.
Find complete details on the website.
In addition to setting an example by wearing a face mask yourself, you can resort to visual communication to encourage people to cover their faces in all public spaces.
Install face mask required signs at all strategic and highly visible points in your facility, including entrances and exits. Choose from stock signs or have a sign designed to match your preferences. You can also use signs that show appreciation for wearing a mask and those that establish the practice as an act of social responsibility.
Using funny signs is also a great way to get attention and promote the use of masks in public areas. Another option is to maintain a stock of face masks/coverings in your facility to encourage usage.
Masks Not Required Signs
Masks Not Required Signs
If wearing a face mask is not mandatory, it should be conveyed with clear, concise signage.