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Fire Hydrant Rings (64082)

Hydrant rings or hydrant markers provide important information to firefighters regarding the functionality and ownership of hydrants.
  • • Fire hydrant rings can be affixed to the bigger valve of the hydrant. Once the valve cap is replaced, the hydrant ring cannot be taken off until the next time the valve cap is removed.
  • • Order our printed rings to prevent unauthorized use and communicate maintenance or repair needs, or use a blank ring and add your own message.
  • • Rings are fabricated out of highly durable plastic (available with both reflective and non-reflective films) that withstand high temperatures. Reflective rings can be easily spotted even when it’s pitch dark.
  • • Rings come in different inner diameters to correspond to the diameter of the valve.
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Fire Hydrant Rings / Markers (91021)

All rings come in 10.50" Outer Diameter with options of 4.75" and 5.75" for Inner Diameter. The larger interior hole, the 5.75" i.d. option, is most common. It fits the 4.5" steamer- nozzles / ports.
Customer Reviews
Woman User Icon
Oct 14, 2020

Fire Hydrant Marker : Customize Your Hydrant Marker...
Part #: LB-3593 10.5" x 10.5" 15 Mil Plastic Fire Hydrant Marker - 5.75" Diameter   Verified Purchase

Great but a bit late

I’m pleased with the markers they were just as ordered. There was an unexplained delay on the shipping and the product arrived about a week later than expected. I would definitely order again.
Woman User Icon
Aug 31, 2020

Fire Hydrant Marker : Out Of Service - White
Part #: LB-1777 10.5" x 10.5" 43mil Reflective Marker Plastic   Verified Purchase


Good quality, fast shipment, thanks!
Man User Icon
Aug 21, 2020

Fire Hydrant Marker : Out Of Service - Red
Part #: LB-1778 10.5" x 10.5" 15mil Plastic Fire Hydrant Marker   Verified Purchase

Industry Standard. Great Price

Worked as they should.
Man User Icon
Mar 23, 2020

Fire Hydrant Marker : For Fire Department Use Only -...
Part #: LB-1774 10.5" x 10.5" 43mil Reflective Marker Plastic   Verified Purchase

Very useful...

Nice, I just hoped they would be thicker. Other than that, very useful & as described.
Man User Icon
Oct 25, 2019

Fire Hydrant Marker : Out Of Service - Yellow
Part #: LB-1779 10.5" x 10.5" 43mil Reflective Marker Plastic   Verified Purchase