FDC Standpipe Plates

Our line of FDC Standpipe Plates can help firefighters quickly locate and identify your type of connection port in an emergency.

• Cast from sturdy aluminum with raised letters and borders.

• Designed for outdoor use, the enamel coating protects the plate from weathering, preserving the visibility and lengthening the lifespan of the sign.

• Conforms with NFPA requirements for section 912—the clear identification of standpipe connections.

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Designed to comply with emergency response and fire department guidelines, High-End FDC Standpipe Plates are handcrafted from the finest aluminum for a sophisticated appearance that won't ruin the aesthetics of your property.
FDC Identification Plaque
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FDC Standpipe Plate
5" x 10" x 0.375"
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Fire Department Connection Standpipe Wall Plate
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Aluminum Standpipe Wall Plate
4" x 8" x 0.25"
Fire Department Connection Escutcheon Standpipe Plate
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Aluminum Escutcheon Standpipe Plate
4" IPS and 10" OD

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Customer Reviews
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May 14, 2018

Fire Department Connection Plate : Aluminum Escutcheon Standpipe Plate
Part #: S2-1448 10" x 10" Fire Department Connection Aluminum Escutcheon Standpipe Plate   Verified Purchase

Works great

Nice product
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Mar 22, 2018

Fire Department Connection Plate : Aluminum Standpipe Wall Plate
Part #: S2-1447 4" x 8" Fire Department Connection Aluminum Standpipe Wall Plate   Verified Purchase

Looked great and worked perfectly!

Looked great and worked perfectly!