Part# SE-7210
Size 8.5" x 11"
Color Black and Yellow
Package 1 Sign
Material Architectural Subsurface Printed Sign [MU-SHOW]
Printing Screen Printing What is this?

ShowCase™ California Prop 65 Sign 

Raw Wood Product Exposure Prop 65 Warning

Package : 1 Sign • Price per Sign
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Sign
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Product Description
Our line of Proposition 65 products is compliant with California state law. Use our products to mark teratogenic and carcinogenic hazards.

• California requires a sign no smaller than 8.5" x 11" to be posted at the point of sale or display of wood products in a manner that can be seen by the purchaser.

• Sign meets minimum font size requirement of 20 point type.

• Our Showcase sign offers a higher end material option, while staying complaint with new regulation.

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Raw Wood Product Exposure Prop 65 Warning
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