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Bumper Guard, 39-3/8" x 2-7/8" wide x 13/16" thick: S1 Type Thick Flat Wall Bumper (White Non-Glow, Self-Adhesive) (EXIT-SP-108) Learn More...

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Product Description

Safeguard the walls and other flat surfaces against impact by general flow of wheeled and pedestrian traffic in hospitals, doctor’s offices, hotels and other elegant environments.

  • S1 Type Thick Flat Wall Bumper is self adhesive.
  • The white, non-glow wall guard measures 39-3/8" in length, 2-7/8" in width, and 13/16" in thickness - our thickest, toughest type on the shelf!
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  • 39.375" x 2.875"
  • Bumper Guards
  • Surface Protection Bumper
Surface Protection Bumper
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  • Bumper guards are great for increasing on the job safety. Has been proven to prevent injuries, protect machinery and add alert to hazards.
  • Made of flexible polyurethane foam, which can be cut to size using a utility knife. Foam is also aging resistant and temperature resistant (-31° F to 176° F).
  • Easy installation with most types of bumpers having an acrylic adhesive. The adhesive has a powerful bond of 21 N per inch and sticks well to clean, non-greasy surfaces.
  • Adhesive is temperature resistant from -40° F to 212° F.
  • Most bumper guards are ideal for indoor use only. The black-yellow bumpers are good for indoor and outdoor.
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Size:39.375" x 2.875"
Material: Surface Protection Bumper
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