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Safety Bumpers and Protective Bumper Guards

Stay off sharp edges with Safety Bumper guards built especially for warehouses and stores. Bumper Guards made from recyclable polyurethane foam increase safety, minimize work related injury, and protect walls and equipment by protecting protruding corners; edges and objects.
  • • The flexible material absorbs the force of impact and gently bounces back.
  • • These protective Bumper Guards come in choices of bold and photoluminescent colors that are easy to mount.
  • • All Bumper Guards are self-adhesive, except Type B which simply slides into place and can be secured with additional adhesive.
Reflective Rubber Guard
Our most affordable safety guard. Reflective tape is molded into the rubber. Mount to any corner, hardware included.
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Safety Surface Protection Bumpers

Choose from Type F, Type C, Type S1, and Type D bumpers. If you don’t like the in-the-eye yellow-black ones, try our white guards that merge with your walls and surfaces.
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Surface Protection Bumper Guard Type F, Striped B...
Bumper Guard, 39-3/8in. x 1-9/16in. x 7/16in.
Type C, self-adhesive
Surface Protector, Adhesive
Type S1 St (With Steel Support), Black-Yellow
Surface Protection Bumper Guard with Steel support
Type S1, Black-Yellow
Surface Protection Bumper Guard, Self-adhesive
Type D, Black-Yellow
Surface Protection Bumper Guard, Self-adhesive
S1 Type Thick Flat Wall Bumper (White Non-Glow, S...
Bumper Guard, 39-3/8" x 2-7/8" wide x 13/16" thick

Safety Corner Bumpers

Corners need more protection from accidental impacts. These foam bumpers have effectively saved corners from unsightly dents, chips, or scratches. Try now!
Corner Protection Bumper Guard Type E, Black-Yell...
Corner Protection Bumper Guard, Self-adhesive
Corner protection Bumper Guard Type A, self-adhes...
Corner Bumper, Adhesive
Corner Protection Bumper Guard Type H+ St (With S...
Warning and Protective Bumper Guard
2D Protective corners, black, self-adhesive
Edge Protection Corner
3D Protective corners, black, self-adhesive
Edge Protection Corner
Rubber Corner Bumper Guard with High Intensity Re...
Bumper Guard
Rubber Round Corner Bumper Guard with High Intens...
Bumper Guard (Two Pack)

Safety Edge and Pipe Bumpers

Edges of shelves, railings, or any metal surface can be sharp. These industrial foam bumpers tightly snug on the edges and offer protection to those around the edges.
Pipe Protection Bumper Guard Type R1, Striped Bla...
Bumper Guard, 39-3/8in. x 2in. x 1in.
Edge Protection Bumper Guard Type G, Black-Yellow
Edge Protection Bumper Guard, Self-adhesive
Edge protection Bumper Guard Type B, non-adhesive...
Edge Bumper, non-adhesive
For Improved attachment of Type B bumper guards
Special Adhesive Can

Safety Surface Protection Bumpers - Reflective

Reflective surface, corner, and edge protectors give additional safety at night and in dark warehouses by offering great visibility.
A+ Extra Thick Corner Guard (Reflective Silver/Red, Self-Adhesive)
Safety Bumper Corner Guard, 39 inch.

Customer Reviews

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Feb 11, 2023

Bumper Guard : Rubber Corner Bumper Guard with...
Part #:K2-1028 31" x 4" Rubber Parking Guard   Verified Purchase

Corner bumper guards

It's awesome!
Man User Icon
Dec 05, 2022

Edge Bumper, non-adhesive : Edge protection Bumper Guard Type...
Part #:EXIT-EB-101 39.375" x 1.56" Black-Yellow   Verified Purchase

Thank you

perfect thanks
Man User Icon
May 17, 2021

Corner Bumper, Adhesive : Corner protection Bumper Guard...
Part #:EXIT-CB-101 39.5" x 1.56" Black-Yellow   Verified Purchase

Safety bumpers

Good product. Arrived exactly as described
Man User Icon
Apr 02, 2020

Bumper Guard, 39-3/8in. x... : Surface Protection Bumper Guard...
Part #:EXIT-BG-103 39.37" x 1.5625" Surface Protection Bumper Guard- 39-3/8" in length   Verified Purchase

Fork Lift Safety Test

We are testing these on our fork lifts, so far we are happy with the results.
Man User Icon
Jun 11, 2019

Corner Bumper, Adhesive : Corner protection Bumper Guard...
Part #:EXIT-CB-101 39.5" x 1.56" Black-Yellow   Verified Purchase

Perfect for Life Skills classrooms

These are exactly what we needed. Soft enough that one student won't hurt their head on the protected corner (but not so soft that it becomes a preferred stimulus), and tough enough - with the vinyl layer - that another student can't tear it apart (unlike other foam protectors).