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Social Distancing Signs for Elevators

Stopping the spread is crucial, especially in enclosed spaces like elevators where proximity with people is a norm. Establish essential ground rules for use of elevators in your office or facility with Social Distancing Elevator Signs.
  • • Stop overcrowding and limit capacity of elevators with hard-to-miss signs.
  • • Choose from variety of stock options with write-on capability or go for custom ones.
  • • Many more social distancing signs for offices and stores for your complete needs!
  • • For more information, visit our - Social Distancing for Elevators FAQs
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Social Distancing Signs for Elevators

Elevator TactileTouch™ Braille Sign
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Allow Disabled Persons Priority To Elevator Access Sign
Please Wear Mask In Elevator Maintain Social Distancing Sign
Please Do Not Over Crowd Elevators Sign
Practice Social Distancing While Inside Elevator Sign
Maintain 6 Ft Distance While Boarding The Elevator Sign
Social Distance Please Face Wall SlipSafe Floor Sign

Maximum Capacity Signs for Elevators

Maximum Capacity During Restriction Sign
Choose Maximum Capacity Per Elevator Social Distancing Sign
Elevator Maximum Capacity Custom Sign
Select Maximum Capacity Of This Elevator Sign
Maximum Occupancy - Select Number Of Person ShowCase Sign
Choose Maximum Capacity Per Elevator FloorBoss Sign
Choose Your Maximum Capacity Per Elevator Floor Sign
Maintain Social Distancing Select Maximum Persons Floor Sign
Persons Permitted At A Time Floor Sign
Choose Number of Persons or Family Elevator Capacity Sign
Choose Number Of Persons Per Elevator SlipSafe Floor Sign
Notice - Elevator Capacity, Select Number Of Persons Sign

Elevator Stand Here Signs

1 Person Only Social Distancing SlipSafe Floor Sign
1 Person Only Social Distancing SlipSafe Floor Sign
One Family Per Corner SlipSafe Floor Sign
Please Stand Here While Riding The Elevator Floor Sign
Stand Here Footprints Floor Marker With Stripes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do we need social distancing signs in elevators?


Inherently enclosed spaces, elevators can conveniently fuel the spread given the unavoidable proximity. Hence, it is essential that people practice social distancing while using elevators to safeguard themselves and others. 

Elevator social distancing signs act as visual reminders to ensure compliance with social distancing practices and communicate the ground rules set for using elevators.

Q. What are the ideal places to install social distancing signs on elevators?


You should install social distancing signs in elevator lobbies and approaches as well as inside elevators. These signs can communicate occupant restrictions and face mask requirements along with guiding people about where to stand. 

You may use a mix of wall, door, and floor signs for social distancing to ensure the risk and safety communication is hard to miss.

Q. How can I ensure my social distancing signs are well-adjusted for larger audiences?


To ensure your social distancing elevators signs reach a wider audience, you can opt for bilingual signs that are available in English and Spanish. 

You may also have some of these signs in Braille to aid the visually impaired. Our TactileTouch social distancing signs use Grade 2 Braille and are ADA and California Braille specifications compliant. 

Another way to ensure your social distancing communication reaches as many people as possible is to have the relevant signs placed strategically at all highly visible and high-contact points. 

Q. What sign options do I have to implement social distancing in elevators?


To have occupants practice physical distancing in elevators, you can choose from our range of rigid and adhesive social distancing signs and labels. These signs communicate mask requirement, maximum capacity, and maintaining distance, and can be used both inside and outside the elevators. Stand-here floor signs with footprints are proven effective in getting people to keep a distance.

You can also use our A-frame signs, signposts, and large door decals in the lobbies to prevent overcrowding and make people stay six-feet away even while waiting. 

We also offer designer ShowCase signs and Braille signs to ensure all your sign requirements can be met. 

Q. What type of maximum capacity signs for elevators do you offer?


Our elevator maximum capacity signs are available in rigid plastic and aluminum, and laminated plastic label material choices. You may also go for our magnetic signs or SlipSafe floor signs that come with a permanent adhesive backing. 

We also offer FloorBoss standing floor signs that can be placed outside elevators and moved as required. For a more sophisticated look, choose from our ShowCase elevator social distancing signs that are available in four color options. We have customizable and reflective options as well.

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Social Distancing Sign : Maximum Capacity During...
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SlipSafe™ Floor Sign : Choose Your Maximum Capacity Per...
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Signs for elevator

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Social Distancing Sign : Maximum Capacity During...
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Pasted to van back door.
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Social Distancing Sign : Maximum Capacity During...
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Social Distancing Sign : Choose Your Maximum Capacity Per...
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