Child Safety Quiz

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The blind zone is the area…
  • (A)  Behind any vehicle that causes backover accidents
  • (B)  Near any vehicle that is invisible to the driver when changing lanes
  • (C)  Any place around the car when the driver’s eyes are closed
  • (D)  Opposite the end zone
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Driving in reverse can limit a driver’s visibility.
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Correct answer is:
  • (A)  Behind any vehicle that causes backover accidents
Explanation: defines the “blind zone” as the area behind the vehicle that is largely responsible for backover accidents. It is also the area in front of the vehicle contributing to frontover accidents. The area next to a vehicle that cannot be seen through rear-view mirrors is the “blind spot.” In general, the blind zone for most vehicles measures 7 -8 feet wide and 20 – 30 feet long.
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