Funny safety signs

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Scare tactics and solemnity aren’t always the best ways to advertise safety. Showing a sense of humor can help employees and visitors feel welcome while communicating important boundaries and behaviors. From construction sites to manufacturing plants, signage that makes us crack up can result in better compliance.

Safety signs with a funny twist take the sting out of being told what to do. In these pages, you’ll get some ideas for placement, learn a little about workplace safety and humor, and get a taste of funny signs we’ve seen around the web – and on the walls of work sites and factories around the U.S.


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How humor makes a workplace safer

We see safety signs all the time, but after a while, they start to look the same. Pairing humor with safety keeps the message both fresh and memorable. Because laughter is good (preventive) medicine, funny safety signs are an innovative and effective way to reduce injuries on the job.

According to the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, one of the characteristics of a safety culture is that safety concerns are evident in the interaction among staff and in their interaction with members of the public. Funny safety signs help create a sense of cohesion and promote interaction about safety issues. This study by the Association for Consumer Research shows that using humor in your messaging actually helps improve information retention.

Funny safety signs can also help reduce workplace stress. According a study at Fairleigh Dickinson University, stress can take a sizable toll on health, productivity, and profit. An estimated 75 to 90% of visits to health care providers are due to stress-related conditions, and 60% of lost workdays each year can be attributed to stress.

Employees under duress may make more mistakes, have trouble concentrating, and become apathetic about their performance. Described as a “global epidemic” by the United Nations’ International Labor Organization, workplace stress is a problem most businesses must grapple with. Fortunately, a powerful alleviant of stress is fairly easy to come by: laughter. Beyond protecting the welfare of your workers, getting a laugh has a strong correlation to making more money. Laughter fosters creativity, productivity, and more lasting relationships.

When we are prepared, knowledgeable and equipped to handle emergencies as they arise, we can be sure our work environments are safe ones.

To recap, here are four unique ways humor can improve workplace safety:

  • Break up the monotony of safety messaging
  • Help people retain messages and information better
  • Create synergy and improve employee relationships
  • Reduce workplace stress (which can increase productivity)

Funny safety sign hall of fame

When it comes to workplace safety, the best signs are the most effective. For this reason, humor is often the most practical way to convey a crucial message and create a lasting impact. With the safety of their workers, patrons, and visitors at stake, employers have come up with some clever signs that promote conscientious behavior. We’ve compiled a hall of fame of the best of these funny workplace safety signs. Remember, of course, that humor is at its best when it has truth behind it, and the best way to stay safe is to heed warnings, as silly as they may appear.


1. In this town, the dead can vote AND pay fines.

touching wires causes instant death funny safety sign


2. Use metaphors your employees will be sure to understand.

fire safety sign


3. This sign provides very real incentive to keep one’s hands safely to oneself.

do not touch funny sign


4. Gives a whole new meaning to “don’t lose your head.”

funny safety sign


5. Or, for that matter, OSHA is not just a Game of Thrones character.

osha funny sign


6. The consequences of violating this sign are unspeakable.

confined space funny sign


7. Seriously, people, get your priorities straight.

exit sign