Free Safety Quizzes- Learn While Testing

Free Safety Quizzes- Learn While Testing
Safety professionals love these tests. With extensive online help and hints, workers learn during the tests, too! Just compare these professional tests with other safety tests that typically cost $100’s per worker. With the help of these tests you can:

• reinforce your training and eliminate the need for other paid online testing.

• get a certificate that can be personalized and used for your training records.

• get critical information as these are designed by leading safety professionals in each field.

What are the lifting “do’s” and “don’ts”? What are the NIOSH rules? Take this quiz and learn how to prevent back injuries. Find extensive online help.
This free, 20-question safety quiz will review important safety reminders you need to know while working in and around a confined space.
Complete this test and construction workers will learn how to handle ladders, scaffolding and the importance of fall arrest systems. Passing grades get a certificate.
After taking this-20 question quiz, you’ll learn how to handle a fire extinguisher, how to save yourself in a burning building and more. Extensive online help teaches you along the way.
Are you required to ask a victim's permission to perform first aid? 20 questions that test your knowledge – but, learn with each question. Earn a certificate with a passing grade.
Understand the science behind food safety. Learn about the health codes and recommendations that keep your food safe to eat. Earn a free certificate
Learn how to safely operate and maintain powered industrial trucks at work. Get a head-start on your forklift certification program with our free, 20-question quiz. Helpful hints included.
With extensive online help, this quiz teaches you how to handle power tools safely. Test has been taken 100’s of times. Passing grades get a free Certificate.
Are you effectively protected against chemicals in your workplace? This 20-question quiz is a must-take for any employer or employee surrounded with chemical hazards.
Take this practice quiz to learn more about HazMat safe handling procedures. What is “PEL”? How to identify a biohazard? Build your knowledge with each question.
Take this easy 20-question quiz to understand how to protect your ears from prolonged or excessive noise, on and off the job. Learn quickly with built-in hints.
Our easy, 20-question quiz helps you understand crucial components of an effective LOTO procedure. Learn quickly with helpful hints. Earn a certificate!
What kind of hardhat will protect you against high voltage shocks? Learn this and more with our free 20-question quiz on personal protective equipment.
After taking this free 20-question quiz you will learn how to handle respiratory hazards. Quiz has buit-in hints and help, so you learn with each question.
Now for some fun! This hilarious test pokes fun at some of the worst safety symbols. What’s this symbol for? Princess Leah? It’s cold inside? These are guaranteed to make you smile.
Test your STF IQ. Protect yourself and others from slips, trips, and falls. Earn a certificate at the end of this free 20-question quiz.