Conrad Lumm

A former copy editor, researcher, and journalist for publications from Beverage World to The Times, Conrad was bit by the urban planning bug after picking up a copy of Donald Shoup's book The High Cost of Free Parking for a little light reading, and has been emptying cocktail parties with parking factoids ever since. He spends his free time on strategic board games, listening to at least five podcasts a day, and sitting around the subway system, where he can often be found muttering about Inconsistent Initial Capping.

Conrad grew up in Michigan, Copenhagen, Rome, and Amman, returning to Michigan to study poetry at Interlochen Arts Academy. After four (well, five) years at Sarah Lawrence College, he decamped to Brooklyn, the borough he loves most (even if he lays his head in Manhattan these days, like a sellout).

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9 revealing safety signs in “Breaking Bad”

9 revealing safety signs in “Breaking Bad”

| September 27, 2013

We spoil major plot elements of Breaking Bad in this post – pretty much everything except how it ends. Over the course of the show Breaking Bad, we watch Walter White’s transformation from a mild-mannered and chronically poor chemistry teacher to an ego-driven meth kingpin. But since it begins as a glorified fish-out-of-water tale, a […]

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