Lisa Pradhan

A creative writer at heart, Lisa currently writes for SmartSign’s blogs and dabbles in content strategies for SEO. She spends the rest of the time lounging in the comforts of her home, surfing the internet for areas of interest, or traveling to unexplored destinations. Having previously studied and worked in the field of journalism and media, Lisa likes calling herself a web journalist. She takes special interest in grassroots and tribal issues, and topics concerning women empowerment. She swears that books are a person’s best travel companion, and that good food can liven up any dull day. Lisa lives in the beautiful city of Jaipur, India.

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Construction industry’s growth slows

Construction industry’s growth slows

| September 25, 2013

Experts have predicted downward growth for the US construction industry for what remains of 2013 and the coming year. Although residential construction continues to grow, commercial construction is lagging. According to construction consultancy FMI’s latest Construction Outlook report, the revised growth figure for total construction in all sectors is 6% for 2013, a drop of […]

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