#HazardSpotting in Manila: How many hazards can you see?

| May 15, 2013

Hazard spotting overseas

For this edition of #HazardSpotting, we’re going international. Shout out to Annie for the photos.

Pictured below is high rise construction in the Philippines’s Metro Manila. Although this construction site wouldn’t fall under OSHA’s purview, the principles apply. There’s definitely some hazard spottin’ going down.

 p1110949               safety-standards-in-the-pines

You can see that these workers are using some standard safety measures like hard hats 1926.451(h), reflective vests, and some creatively arranged safety nets per 1926.105(a).

However, there are some clear issues. Safety nets are only sufficient “where the use of ladders, scaffolds, catch platforms, temporary floors, safety lines, or safety belts is impractical.” Do you think they could at least use one of these safety measures on the roof? What about the worker hanging off the side of the building?! He might need a guard rail (1926.502).

Phew! I really feel for that guy. There might be some more hazards to be spot below. Can you find any?


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