How to Conduct a Pre-Start Forklift Inspection

| February 28, 2017

Conduct pre-start inspection with the engine off. Check fluid levels and inspect for leaks. Make sure safety devices are working and that safety warnings are present. Check mast chain tension. Do not put your hand inside the mast! Check tires for cuts and make sure tire pressure is adequate. Check operator compartment for grease and debris. Check fork condition, including top clip retaining pin and heel. Check load backrest.

Then conduct an operational inspection with the engine on. Things to check:

  • Accelerator linkage
  • Inch control (if equipped)
  • Brakes and Steering
  • Drive and tilt control
  • Hoist and lowering control
  • Attachment control
  • Horn and Back-up alarm (if equipped)
  • Lights
  • Hour meter

Remove forklifts from service that are unsafe, defective or need repair! Additionally, report any unusual noises or vibrations!

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