Top 10 safety blogs to read in the new year

| January 14, 2015

Last year, we brought you ten of our go-to resources for industry news — the blogs that helped us stay inspired and in the know throughout the year. Although it’s now a little past the year mark, we’re making it a tradition. The ten safety blogs below are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest in industry news, whether they focus on the workers, the supervisors, or edicts handed down by OSHA.

It’s not too late to make keeping informed your New Year’s Resolution. These blogs will help.

1) Intelex Blog

logo for Intelex Blog

Authorship: Published by Intelex Technologies Inc.
Common topics covered: OSHA, safety, management, environmental management, industry news
Frequency of posts: 1-2 posts a week
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Brought to you by a Canadian EHS quality management software company, the Intelex Blog covers a fair amount of U.S. industry news. Highlights include their weekly “Friday Safety Fact” (which always features a clever, mini infographic), a podcast that offers a casual take on the week’s safety news, and targeted webinars on everything from oil and gas site inspections to building effective training strategies.

Recent notable post: Intelex Top 5 Environmental Statistics – Sustainability Budgets and Priorities


2) EHS Works1-13-2015 1-18-39 PM

Authorship: Published by the American Society of Safety Engineers
Common topics covered: Safety, manufacturing, retail, industry news
Frequency of posts: 3-4 posts per week
Social mediaTwitter, Facebook

Don’t be fooled by the simple layout on EHS Works; the blog is packed with safety news spanning industries – including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and more – from the world’s oldest professional safety society, which boasts more than 36,000 members worldwide. Frequent, short posts mean you have no excuse not to brush up on industry happenings at least once a week.

 Recent notable post: New Health Advisory Details Food Flavoring & Scent Ingredient Manufacturing Concerns


3) On Safety and On Researchlogo for Safety + Health

Authorship: Published by Safety + Health Magazine
Common topics covered: Construction industry, OSHA, safety culture, workplace practices, industry news
Frequency of posts: Weekly
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Safety + Health magazine runs both of these bookmarkable blogs. “On Safety” stands out for its great OSHA coverage, while the newer “On Research” highlights the latest trends and issues in occupational safety and health research. Plus, you’ll find even more relevant reading in the Safety + Health magazine archives, entirely available online.

Recent notable post: Who’s responsible?


4) VISTA Training, Inc.i6Hlg0Or

Authorship: Published by VISTA Training, Inc.
Common topics covered: Construction and mining industry safety
Frequency of posts: 3-4 posts per week
Social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

One of our #HazardSpotting partners, the VISTA Training blog offers a few original features we love, including posts showcasing vintage safety posters and “Toolbox Tuesdays,” which put the spotlight on a different tool, piece of equipment, or other minutiae of the construction industry. Recent “Toolbox Tuesday” posts have covered how to prevent hand and finger injuries and wheel loader safety.

Recent notable post: Toolbox Tuesday: Wheel loader safety


5) The OH&S Blog1-13-2015 1-11-33 PM

Authorship: Published by the Occupational Health & Safety Magazine
Common topics covered: Behavioral safety, construction industry, OSHA, injury and illness prevention
Frequency of posts: Weekly
Social media: Twitter, Facebook

Once-weekly posts from Occupational Health & Safety Magazine take on a casual tone and often highlight interesting initiatives outside of OSHA’s purview as well as those led by government agencies. While construction industry safety is the blog’s primary focus, you’ll find some concise commentary on other workplace issues. And, as with other blogs on this list, archives from the magazine are available for browsing.

Recent notable post: Is Your Safety Program Under RAPPs?


6) BLR EHSdrVH2b-D

Authorship: Published by BLR, a training and compliance resource
Common topics covered: Workplace safety news, training, compliance
Frequency of posts: Daily
Social media: Twitter

Experts on compliance, BLR publishes daily posts on worker safety and easily-digestible articles on how best to interact with the regulations set by OSHA on the EHS blog. Most of the posts feature practical advice geared towards workplace supervisors on everything from space heater safety to how to protect young workers on job sites.

Recent notable post: Careful with those space heaters!


7) OSHAcampus Blog

Authorship: OSHAcampus
Common topics covered: OSHA training, industry news
Frequency of posts: 1-2 posts per week
Social media: Twitter, Facebook

As its name implies, the OSHAcampus blog is highly educational. Weekly blog posts tackle key aspects of OSHA safety training and other industry news. Video features make explanations of OSHA courses particularly easy to follow.

Recent notable post: What is GHS and OSHA Hazardous Communication Course?


8) COSHNet Bloglogo for COSH Network

Authorship: Published by the National COSH Network
Common topics covered: Workplace practices, construction safety, OSHA
Frequency of posts: 3-4 posts per week
Social mediaTwitterFacebook

The COSHNet Blog provides extensive resources to help workers understand their rights to a safe and healthy workplace. Comprehensive coverage of harmful safety violations, worker victories, and changes to workplace health and safety laws make it a must-follow.

Recent notable post: OSHA documents show details of safety violations in Sarah Jones case


9) ISHN Bloglogo for ISHN

Authorship: Published by the ISHN Magazine, part of BNP Media
Common topics covered: Safety culture, OSHA, risk management, industry news
Frequency of posts: 1-2 posts per week
Social mediaTwitter, Facebook

The ISHN blog supplements its B2B magazine content with opinionated posts from workplace safety and health thought leaders. Another thing we love: Their advice tends to be applicable to workers in all industries, not just construction and manufacturing, the typical focus of blogs on this list.

Recent notable post: Why one succeeds at work and another does not…


10) Knowledge at Worklogo for UL

Authorship: Published by UL Workplace, a division of UL
Common topics covered: Wellness, healthcare industry, injury and illness prevention, safety culture, risk management
Frequency of posts: Bi-monthly
Social media: Twitter, Facebook

Knowledge at Work has been one of our go-tos for workplace safety news and training tips in 2014. And with good reason. Safety consultancy and certification company UL Workplace, the blog’s publisher, has been a safety industry juggernaut for more than a hundred years. On the blog you’ll find the latest on both workplace safety and occupational health, a topic that allowed for particularly-informative coverage during the recent Ebola outbreak.

Recent notable post: Healthcare Workers Caught Between Ebola and a Hard Place

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