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Asbestos Warning Signs: Asbestos Hazard Area Authorized Personnel Only (SF-0038) Learn More...

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Product Description

17in. Diameter SlipSafe™ Floor Sign: Asbestos Hazard Area

The most dangerous biohazards are those that are invisible to the eye. If your facility handles hazardous materials it is essential to warn workers and visitors of risks. A public health sign ensures that everyone is aware of harmful substances in your facility, and will direct those unfamiliar with such materials in the appropriate safety precautions. Warning signs are hard to ignore - even when dangers are not immediately apparent.

  • Display Asbestos Warning Signs & Labels to alert workers and visitors to the dangers of breathing Asbestos fibers and creating dust.
  • Identify Cancer Suspect Agents to ensure that safety precautions are taken.
  • Remind everyone to wear a respirator in areas contaminated with Lead.
tips 1926.1101(k)(7)(i): Warning signs that demarcate the regulated area shall be provided and displayed at each location where a regulated area is required to be... ...
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  • 17" x 17"
  • Floor Signs - Pebble
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  • SlipSafe™ Reflective
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  • 18 mil thick, anti-skid vinyl floor sign with enclosed grit top surface and permanent adhesive backing.
  • Great for long-term use in high traffic areas or forklift lanes.
  • Sticks to smooth floors and low ply commercial carpet.
  • Clean surface before applying. Signs can be cleaned with commercial grade floor scrubbers.
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Size:17" x 17"
Material: SlipSafe™
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I decide which header I need for my asbestos warning sign?

Each header corresponds to a certain level of hazard severity and serves a definitive purpose. Use a ‘Danger’ header asbestos hazard sign to communicate immediate danger and the corresponding necessary precautions. Install ‘Warning’ header signs to identify a hazard level that lies between danger and caution, where ‘Caution’ header warns against potential hazards and/or unsafe practices.
You also have the option to use signs with the notice header, which is used to communicate information that is important but not related to hazards. These signs can be used to complement the other hazard-related signs.
OSHA standard 1910.145 provides detailed information about safety signs and headers.

Q. Are there any asbestos warning signs in Spanish?

Of course there are. We offer asbestos warning signs in Spanish as well as bilingual asbestos signs in both Spanish and English. These signs are available in Danger and Caution headers, and in a range of material options.

Q. Where should I install asbestos warning signs?

Asbestos warning signs should be displayed at all such areas that contain the asbestos hazard as well as approaches to such areas. Employers are legally responsible to provide appropriate asbestos warnings to their employees. These signs should also be posted such that employees can read them in time and take the required precautions before entering the hazardous area.

Q. What material choices do you offer for asbestos warning signs?

Our asbestos warning signs are available in a range of formats and material options to suit different requirements and budgets. For rigid signs, you may choose between plastic, standard aluminum, and engineer-grade aluminum. We offer plastic A-frame floor signs as well that are reasonably lightweight and portable.
You may also opt for our adhesive signs and labels that are made of thick plastic and laminated for better durability. Our asbestos warning sign catalog has two more options in the form of SlipSafe floor signs made of anti-skid vinyl and available in the reflective format, and door barricade signs comprising a spring-loaded pole and a sign face made of heavy-duty vinyl material.

Q. Are bags containing asbestos also required to carry any warning signs?

Yes, any bags or containers with asbestos fibers should also be clearly marked to communicate the hazard warning. This can be done with the help of tags. Choose from our double-sided OSHA danger asbestos safety tags that are available in different sizes. These are flexible, water-resistant, and easy to write on.
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