Distracted Driving Quiz

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For which age group does being distracted by a cell phone result in the highest percentage of fatal crashes?
  • (A)  Teenagers
  • (B)  Drivers in their 20’s
  • (C)  Drivers in their 30’s
  • (D)  Senior citizens
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Car insurance rates are typically lowest for this age group.
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Correct answer is:
  • (C)  Drivers in their 30’s
Of those drivers reportedly distracted during a fatal crash, the 30- to 39-year-old drivers were the group with the greatest proportion distracted by cell phones. Cell phone distraction was reported for 24 percent of the 30- to 39-year-old distracted drivers in fatal crashes. As for the under-20 age group drivers involved in fatal crashes, cell phone distraction was reported for 22 percent of the distracted drivers.
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