Distracted Driving Quiz

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The maximum fine that any state can set for using a handheld phone while driving a commercial vehicle, is
  • (A)  $750
  • (B)  $1,750
  • (C)  $2,750
  • (D)  $3,750
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Close to the number of distracted driving fatalities in 2010.
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Correct answer is:
  • (C)  $2,750
CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle)drivers who are found using handheld cell phones will be charged a penalty of up to $2750 for every offense. Different states have different fines, but the maximum fine for any state is $2,750. They’ll also be prohibited from driving a CMV after multiple offenses. States reserve the right to cancel a CMV driver’s license after two or more “serious” traffic violations, like using handheld cell phones behind the wheel.
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