3-Point Contact Labels Address Safety Concerns in Transportation Industry

| November 1, 2017

Falling or slipping from the truck while getting on or off is the most common cause of accidents among truckers. According to a study–spread over five years–by the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, Canada, 50 percent of all injuries in trucking industry were a result of slips and falls.

Such falls can lead to serious back and shoulder injuries. Our 3-Point Contact Labels remind drivers to safely enter and exit tractor-trailer cabs, forklifts, and other industrial trucks.

Demonstration of 3-point contact while climbing a truck

What is 3-point contact?

The 3-point contact system means that three of your four limbs are always in contact with the vehicle.

It can be either-

  • Two hands and one foot
  • Two feet and one hand

This is a way for truck operators to have maximum stability while mounting or dismounting a stationary truck. Maintaining a 3-point contact till one reaches the ground, cab, or a stable platform helps minimize slip and fall hazards.

How can labels help?

3-Point Contact Labels can be applied right at the access point of any truck, back of a tanker, trailer roll-up or swing door, and more. The labels clearly indicate all the three contact points graphically and remind to enter and egress a truck safely. Made of vinyl, these flexible labels are supplied with engineer grade adhesive that ensures a permanent application.

Caution 3-Point Contact Label

How to safely mount and dismount a truck?

Besides heeding to the 3-point contact system, truckers need to remember the following:

  • Use shoes with good support — avoid sandals or high heels. Do not climb or exit with bare feet.
  • Face the cab during exit and entry
  • Be cautious and slow down in bad weather
  • Get a secure grip on guardrails or handles
  • Never descend holding something in your free hand. Put it on the vehicle floor and pick it once you get down
  • Don’t hurry when you climb out after a long run. Descend slowly, to avoid straining a muscle
  • Never jump out. You may lose balance or fall
  • Don’t use tires or wheel hubs as a step surface
  • Avoid using door frame or door edge as a handhold
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and any obstacles around you.

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