ConeBoss Signs: Practical Accessories for Improved Safety

| July 3, 2017

The humble traffic cone is the Swiss Army knife of traffic control tools. How do you make something so useful even better? Our line of ConeBoss signs, which turn your safety cones into safety signs.

ConeBoss Signs For Safety

ConeBoss Signs are heavy-duty plastic signs with a holder that fits snugly on top of any standard cone. You can deliver a specific safety message (like Slow Down, Stop, or No Smoking) that sits firmly atop an orange cone. Double-sided signs make your message visible in all directions.

ConeBoss Sign for Construction Area

ConeBoss signs do not wobble or droop like signs that are clip-on or snap-on.

For even greater stability, you can screw the holder into the cone. Our injection-molded, thick plastic signs are laminated for a long life and can take a ton of abuse. And you need not worry about visibility. Our ConeBoss signs come with a 3M engineer-grade reflective sheeting, which makes them perfect for dimly-lit areas.

Write-On Coneboss Sign

Caution Custom ConeBoss Sign

For more control on your safety messaging, you can order a customized ConeBoss Sign. Buy a plain, writeable sign to provide on-the-spot guidance, or use our custom sign templates to design a personalized sign at no added cost.

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