June is National Safety Month!

| May 24, 2017

National Safety Month is just around the corner. Ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you is a vital issue that we want everyone to be aware of, whether that pertains to home safety, work safety, or safety on the road.

During this month, our goal is to raise awareness to common safety and health risks in an effort to reduce the causes of injury and death. Each week during the month of June will be dedicated to a different safety topic, ranging from standing up to falls to preparing for active shooters. The weekly topics are listed below:


  • Week 1: Stand Up to Falls
  • Week 2: Recharge to Be In Charge (Focusing on Fatigue)
  • Week 3: Prepare for Active Shooters
  • Week 4: Don’t Just Sit There (Focusing on Ergonomics)


You can find additional information and downloadable material at the National Safety Council website.

As a sign company, we believe it is our duty to provide signs that are informative of safety rules and precautions for every type of facility, workplace, or property. Workers sometimes need reminders. Visitors need to be informed in unfamiliar environments. Better safety signs are the first line of defense against dangerous conditions. For this reason, we offer every type of safety signage you may need, ranging from workplace safety, fire safety, chemical hazards, and custom.

Check out the infographic we’ve created for National Safety Month. It outlines lesser known facts and statistics regarding all levels of safety. We’ve also included some important safety tips to take note of at home, work, and while driving. Remember, safety begins with you! You might consider yourself a safety expert but we hope everyone can still learn something new during National Safety Month!

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