Save lives with Peanut Allergy Safety Signs

| March 9, 2017

Allergy Alert No Peanuts PleaseNearly three million people in the U.S. report suffering from peanut allergies. Children make up about 2% of this group. Peanuts are surprisingly common in cuisine, as it is used to thicken chili and other sauces, for example.

With so many people at risk and the ubiquitous nature of peanuts, organizations need to take extra care to provide a peanut-free environment. School cafeterias, for example, can turn into danger zones when students are accidentally exposed to peanut-containing foods, via cross contamination. Classic school snacks like the PB&J can put kids into anaphylactic shock.

Simple steps like creating a peanut-free section or a few peanut-free lunch tables are good places to start. Peanut Allergy safety signs can help!

Posting Peanut Allergy signs in public places like schools, daycare centers, churches, hospitals, and workplaces warn at-risk individuals, and lets others know to eat with care. Obvious warnings alert people to be careful in areas exposed to food allergens like tree nuts, coconuts, dairy products, and eggs. A simple tabletop sign can create an allergy-free lunch table, and it’s a lot simpler than banning peanuts from everyone’s lunch!

No Peanuts Table-top Sign
Signs can also be used to mark peanut-free zones. A Peanut Free Zone sign creates a safe space for people with allergies, and lets your customers know that you can be trusted.

Peanut And Nut Free Zone Sign

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