Staying safe from poisonous plants while camping just got easier!

| March 9, 2017

Poison ivy and poison oak, spread across most of North America, can ruin a perfectly good camping trip. These dangerous plants can be found almost anywhere when camping, whether in open fields, wooded areas, roadsides, or riverbanks. Poison oak and poison ivy trigger an itchy rash on contact. Worse, if the leaves get into a campfire , the same chemical can get into your lungs, causing extreme pain which may require medical attention.

Beware of Poison Ivy Sign

Campground owners and operators should always be conscious of their campers’ safety. Though most experienced campers can recognize poison oak and poison ivy and avoid accidental contact, a novice might rely only on posted warnings near the plants. Our Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Warning Signs provide clear and concise warnings for campers, helping them have a safe and stress-free camping experience.

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