PPE signs come to your rescue at job sites

| March 28, 2017

The top 10 OSHA citations in 2016 included at least two violations for non-use of protective gear. Fall protection leading the list at # 1 and respiratory protection at #4.
Year after year, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) remains a top concern for safety inspectors, necessitating more awareness among workers about PPE.

Most workers don’t wear proper PPE because they find it uncomfortable or think it isn’t required. In a Kimberly-Clark professional survey, eye protection turned out to be the “most challenging PPE” for workers, followed by hearing protection.
Involving workers in choosing the right PPE can solve much of this issue. Testing the PPE for accurate fit can allow workers to operate comfortably and assure them of effective protection.
Lack of communication and ineffective training are other reasons workers skip wearing PPE.
Job site safety signs can help! They can serve as essential reminders and aid your safety communication program. Signs placed at critical locations can prompt workers to wear safety gear when they’re entering hazardous areas or beginning a hazardous work operation.
It’s important that your signs are understood by all of your workforce. Bilingual signs are ideal when your workforce speaks multiple language.

Safety Fox All PPE Guide Sign

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