Can Michael Scott keep you safe at work?

| November 12, 2014

Workplace safety is a concern in every office, not just on the construction sites and in the manufacturing plants where you find heavily regulated machinery and practices. While they’re not always as obvious or immediately threatening, the various pitfalls facing the typical office worker are lurking nonetheless — there are potential trips and falls, ergonomic injuries, and workplace violence issues at every job.

While the dangers are real, sometimes it’s nice when the message delivery is charming, which is why we’re sharing this infographic from KBG, “Michael Scott’s Guide to Surviving Your 9-to-5.” NBC’s wildly popular workplace comedy, The Office, may be off the air, but its absurd and hilarious skewering of desk jockeys and middle management lives on. Below, take a look as the self-appointed World’s Best Boss, Dunder Mifflin edition, walks you through some of the most common workplace injuries, and how to avoid them. Drumroll, please!

Category: Safety Tips

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