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DOT Placards from the Experts! Compliance Made Easy. Finding the right HazMat Placards was never so easy. Industry experts' foremost choice, our easy-to-use Find-a-Placard option makes it really easy to select just the right DOT placard for any requirement.
  • • We focus on our design and compliance with various safety laws, so that your HazMat transportation is made safe.
  • • DigiLock and Flip-n-Lock placards are a favorite among truckers who buy them year-after-year.
  • • Our DOT hazmat class placards feature the industry’s smoothest snag-free flip system. Proven durable, high-on-convenience, and customers’ favorite!
  • • For more information, visit our - HazMat Placards FAQs
DOT HazMat Labels
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Take the guesswork out of finding the right placard. Our 'Quick Placard Search' makes the selection of the proper HazMat Placard simple and fast. Just enter the DOT UN number or search by material name. We will then display the appropriate placards.
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Changeable Safety Placards
Need to change your message frequently? Flip from "Safe to Enter" or "Danger Do Not Enter". Find lots of modular warnings. No sign is more flexible!

Best Selling Flip Placards

  • Placards flip easily. Double-riveted clips snap it all into place.
  • Placards feature the industry's smoothest snag-free flip system.
  • Easily flip legends. Available in reflective for extra visibility.
  • Just flip your ratings. No need for multiple signs or placards.

Class 3 Flammable Liquids Placards


Class 5 Oxidizer & Organic Peroxide Placards


Class 6 Poisonous & Infectious Substances Placards


Class 7 : Radioactive, Class 8: Corrosive & Class 9: Misc


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do removable vinyl placards compare with tagboard placards?


Removable vinyl placards are 4.5 mil thick and supplied with an adhesive that lets the placard stay put, yet can be removed cleanly if needed to change the placard. 

On the other hand, a tagboard placard is made from a 16 point board with a 215# basis weight. These placards can be mounted using sturdy holders. Tagboard coating is water-resistant.

Both the materials are printed flexographically with lightfast inks that minimize sunlight’s effect, preventing the color from fading or changing over time.

While removable placards are flexible and can be applied even on a curved surface, tagboard placards are ideal for flat surfaces only. The perfect application temperature for removable placards is between 40°F and 80°F. Both the materials are designed for single-trip/temporary applications.

Q. Which clip material is better for flip placards: steel or aluminum?

Steel clips are definitely better than aluminum for a flip placard system. Compared to aluminum, stainless steel clips have a higher strength-to-weight advantage, which means they maintain their strength and have greater load-bearing capabilities while having a thin profile. After a point of time, lighter clips like those made of aluminum lose their snapping power. Also, stainless steel hardware is generally resistant to rusting, corrosion, or pitting, making the placards ideal for rainy and wet locations. Double-riveted stainless steel spring clips are tougher and lock the flip placards into place. Clips are simple to operate and lock down hard. With a strong locking system, your legends stay put and withstand the toughest conditions truckers face like wind, speed, storms, and constant opening and shutting.

Q. How to prevent ice build-up on placards?


If we talk about flip placards, both our Flip-n-Lock™ Placards as well as DigiLock™ Placards feature a drainage channel in the base, unlike the ones commonly found with competitors. Rain and snow run right through the channel. Channel slots propel ice, dirt, grime, and salt away. Since there are two drain holes per side, sludge and ice build-up are hampered. Watch this amazing video to take a virtual tour of these placards.

Q. Are DigiLock Placards supplied with mounting holes?


Yes, our DigiLock™ Placards are supplied with eight mounting holes. Each corner has two mounting holes for two rivets. Holes help you mount the placard more securely.

Q. Should tagboard placards be used with holders?


Yes, tagboard placards are recommended to use with one of our placard holders. These placards are made of a 16 mil thick board with a 215# basis weight. Durable yet economical, these short-term use placards offer exceptional resistance to buckling and blowouts in all weather conditions. Since tagboard placards have no attachment option, these holder choices are offered with them (at extra cost) for easy installation -

  • Heavy-Weight Riveted Holder
  • Placard Holder with Clipped Corners
  • Rivetless Aluminum Holder Economy
  • Polycarbonate Placard Holder 

Q. Do you offer discounts on bulk quantity orders?

Yes. Quantity discount is an incentive we offer that decreases cost per unit of goods or materials when purchased in greater numbers. However, all items must be of the same design, size, material, color, and print. Feel free to call our customer services team for more information.