Barn and Equestrian Safety Quiz

Most equine-related injuries happen during riding. But, a lot of accidents also take place in and around the barn or stable area. There are a number of hazards in the barn area which need to be addressed. Barn and Equestrian Safety Quiz

Each barn should have rules posted and enforced, whether it is equine animal liability law or general barn rules.

Lack of awareness and attention can not only cause harm to self but also jeopardize the safety of the animal. Take this quiz to know how easily common mistakes can be avoided at the barn.

After this quiz, barn and arena managers, maintenance personnel, handlers, riders, etc. will doubly ensure safety by inspecting equipment and reviewing safety practices.

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• Does barn flooring have any effect on the fitness of a horse?

• Why should gasoline or diesel fuel NOT be stored in a barn?

• What is the speed limit for vehicles on roadways in barn area?

• Which plants are toxic and which ones are non-toxic for horses around the barn?

• How should one open stall doors?

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