Welding Safety Quiz

Welding present a lot of hazards for welders including electric shock, fumes and gases, fire and explosions. Welding Safety Quiz

It is very important to know how to weld safely and proper protective equipment to use while welding. MySafetySign.com makes it easy to stay informed about the regulations regarding welding and working in vicinity with our free welding safety quiz.

This comprehensive quiz revives all your knowledge regarding welding, its hazards, and how to deal with those hazards. Check whether you know the answers on proper equipment operation, handling/storage of welding materials, compressed gas cylinder safety, physical/chemical, hazard control, PPE, fire precautions, and hot work procedures.

Our quiz is a type of refresher training in welding safety for qualified employees. Questions are framed not just to test basic facts about welding, but also to encourage safety in your organization. You will be amazed to self-analyze your knowledge about welding safety. Don’t wait for anything!

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• Are goggles or safety glasses an additional requirement for welders apart from the safety helmet?

• Should welders roll up their sleeves or pant cuffs while working?

• What are the best and worst materials for welders’ clothing?

• What is the most common injury to a welder?

• When should a Hot Metal sign be used?

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