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Do you work at a job that requires you to lift heavy objects throughout the day? Are you preparing to do some heavy lifting in your home or office? features a full-length quiz to keep you informed on how to handle your heavy lifting safely and efficiently, helping you to steer clear of back injury.

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• What percent of the American population will suffer some kind of back pain during their lifetime?

• What should you NOT do while lifting objects?

• Do you know what the NIOSH maximum recommended load weight to be lifted under ideal conditions is?

• Is it only necessary to lift with your legs when you are picking up a heavy load?

• Is wearing a back belt a proven way to minimize the risk of back injury at work?

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Lifting Instruction Labels and Signs
Back injuries are major safety hazards at the workplace. More than one million workers suffer back injuries each year. 75% of these occurred while the employee was lifting. Using proper lifting techniques can help prevent downtime due to avoidable back injuries. Training employees to utilize lifting techniques that place minimum stress on the lower back can go a long way in reducing the back injury incidents.
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