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Do you know how to respond to a workplace injury? Can you distinguish a good first aid kit from one that is unequipped? This fun, informative, and free quiz is a great way to test your knowledge about first aid protocol and how to respond to an emergency in any home or workplace. Knowing what’s what when it comes to first aid is crucial regardless of your occupation – test yourself and stay informed with this info-packed first aid quiz.

Despite the fact that first aid information should be common knowledge, proper procedure for incidents requiring first aid is often found in dense medical or regulatory articles, making it natural for people to shy away from this potentially vital information. Make staying informed about first aid easy and fun. Think you know everything there is to know about first aid safety? Test your knowledge by clicking below!

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First Aid Signs
In a health emergency, there's nothing more important than immediate care. But if the First Aid Kit is difficult to locate, precious seconds could be lost. Make sure your employees and customers can bring help in an emergency situation. First Aid Signs can show the way to the First Aid Kit or Station, so care can be swift and effective.

• Are you required to ask a victim’s permission to perform first aid?

• What should you do first when your co-worker has suffered an electrical shock?

• What first aid should you give to someone who is having a heart attack?

• If your co-worker needs CPR but you are not trained in it, what should you do?

• What is an AED?

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