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Do you work in a confined space at your job? Just want to learn more about confined space hazards? has developed the perfect learning tool to help make you an expert on confined space safety. After taking this 16-question quiz you will know what constitutes a confined space, who is permitted in them, and what safety precautions must be taken before entering.

There is no better way to learn off the job than by being tested. An alternative to sitting and watching an instructional video, we have up come with a quiz to test your knowledge and also, in turn, help you gain additional knowledge through these questions. We offer multiple choice and true/false questions with hints to help out and explanations to answers filled with facts, legal information, and advice. And the best part: the quizzes are free! We understand the importance of continuous learning, particularly when it comes to being safe. By offering this quiz free of charge, we hope that people will enter a confined space with more knowledge than they previously had of it, and in turn, prevent injuries and save lives.

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Confined Space Signs
OSHA acknowledges that because confined spaces can be present in almost every occupation, "their recognition is the first step in preventing fatalities." By placing Confined Space and Permit Required Signs outside all such areas you can ensure that workers are aware of risks, and that everyone takes the appropriate safety precautions.

• Can any employee enter a permit required confined space to carry out necessary repairs or maintenance?

• When is a confined space with a potentially flammable component considered hazardous? What is the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) threshold?

• What must be tested FIRST before an employee enters a confined space?

• Above what percentage of its Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) is a flammable component present in the atmosphere considered hazardous for confined space entry?

• Can an attendant enter a permit space to help the employee inside the confined space without being relieved by another authorized attendant?

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