Grain Silo Safety Quiz

Agricultural workers need to be aware of the importance of safety protocols in and around a grain silo. Grain Silo Safety Quiz

Not one but many hazards await workers between filling, emptying, and inspecting the materials inside of a storage silo. One has to be really careful around automatic unloading equipment.

Moving grain acts like "quicksand" and can bury a worker in seconds. Even the atmosphere in silos can be dangerous and you can die of grain bin suffocation.

Comply with OSHA standards and prevent yourself from becoming a part of the sorry statistics and exorbitant fines. This Grain Silo Safety Quiz is designed for employees, contractors, subcontractors, and everyone else involved in grain handling and storage.

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• What is the minimum age to enter grain storage structures?

• Are grain silos considered confined spaces?

• The worker inside the bin can completely rely on one person outside the grain bin to assist? True or False

• What should be the Oxygen level inside grain silo to stay safe?

• Can you name two Silo gases?

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