Sometimes the biggest danger is just overhead - Crane Safety Quiz

Crane operation is crucial, requiring intensive training and extensive workplace precautions. Crane Safety Quiz

A lot of thinking and planning goes into safe operation of cranes. makes it easy to stay informed about the regulations regarding crane operation and working near them with our free crane safety quiz. Our Crane Safety Quiz is designed to help not just crane operators, but supervisors, contractors, trained workers, flagmen, riggers, and beginners to test their knowledge on cranes.

This comprehensive quiz covers the A to Z of cranes including Crane Inspection, Safe Lifting, Crane Safety Regulations, Crane Signs, Hand Signals, et al.

“Overhead crane accidents are considered one of the leading causes of death and serious injury in the construction/manufacturing industry.” Our quiz questions are framed not just to brush up basic facts, but also to help reduce the rate of injuries and fatalities involving cranes. You will be amazed to self-analyze your knowledge about cranes. Don’t wait for anything!

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• Does number of legs and sling angle affect safe lifting of load?

• How often should a crane be inspected?

• Before initial use, all new and altered cranes must be tested for bridge travel – true or false?

• What does it mean when a signaler’s arm is extended horizontally to the side, palm down, arms swinging back and forth?

• Is boom free fall allowed when an employee is in fall zone?

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