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How much do know about food safety? For many, knowing exactly what goes into the food distributed throughout the United States is unheard of. However, the effects of consuming unhealthy or potentially dangerous foods and beverages can be detrimental. We at have compiled all you need to know about food safety into a fun and free quiz, making it easy to test your knowledge and stay informed about the effects of what you consume.

In the United States, knowing exactly where our food is made and how it’s done can be difficult.This such information is often hidden and hard to find in dense FDA regulatory articles. That’s why we created these fun and free quizzes: to make learning about food safety quick, fun, and easy. See just how much you know about food safety by taking our quiz!

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Food Safety Signs
Businesses in the food service industry have a responsibility to keep food and preparation areas clean. Not only is it the law, but kitchen cleanliness is the best way to keep your employees and patrons safe. Avoid contamination and disease! Posting bold, clear Food Safety Signs reminds food workers to take sanitary precautions and help keep your kitchen clean!

• Can you always smell, see, or taste harmful bacteria in food that can cause illness?

• Perishable foods should be refrigerated within how many hours of purchase?

• How long can high-acid canned food (such as tomatoes) be stored?

• For how long (at a minimum) should you wash your hands before and after handling food?

• Which food is most commonly associated with Salmonella?

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