Skin Safety Quiz

Skin Safety is important in industrial environments and workplaces. However, skin injuries and accidents mostly go unreported and employees do not pay much attention to skin diseases. Skin Safety Quiz

This free and factual quiz is designed for everyone — be the employer, health and safety adviser, trainer, safety representative or the employees exposed to skin hazards.

Make sure your training on skin safety is put to good test. Multiple-choice, true and false questions have been framed such that they will get the most out of you. Wear your thinking cap and take the quiz now.

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• Can cement burn skin?

• Is skin a more substantial route of exposure for non-volatile chemicals than lungs?

• Which type of soap should never be used by workers exposed to Portland cement?

• Which skin problem occurs after exposure to mild irritants like detergents, weak cleaning agents, or even water?

• Hand lotions and creams help increase hydration of the skin. True or False?

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