Working Safely with Radioactive Materials

Each year, Americans with occupational exposure to radioactive materials receive a radiation dose of roughly around 0.62 rem (620 millirem) from natural and man-made sources, while for others the annual average dose per person from both sources remains between 300-360 mrems.

With a higher amount of exposure, the responsibility to protect oneself also increases. For this, a general understanding of what can be done to keep the radiation exposure to a minimum is necessary. At what level radiation can be lethal? What PPE is necessary when handling radioactive material? Answers to more questions like these help you prepare when working in dangerous conditions.

Take our quiz and get the answers for all these and many other questions on radiation exposure, safety, and disposal. Our quiz spreads over a variety of topics related to radioactive materials and can be a helpful guide for lab personnel, workers and students in research and healthcare, among others.

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